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Need Accessible Housing For Your Patients?

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First & Last Name:

Email Address:

Phone Number 

What Company Do You Work For?

Tell Me How Long You Typically Need Housing (short term vs. long term)

How Many Bathrooms Are Best?

Every suites will ALWAYS have an Accessible bathrooms that will nclude a roll in shower, a built-in bench that folds up, and room to use their own shower chairs when desired.  Do you have any other special requests?

How Many Bedrooms Are Best?

Do you need a separate room for paid caregivers?  Spouses/Significant Others?  Space For Family Or Visitors?

How Often To Your House The Children Of The Client?

If Yes, Are School Districts Important?

What Areas Are Most Beneficial To You?  I Currently Search Within A 10-12 Mile Radius Around Shepherd. (Inside The Perimeter)

North, South, East, West?  Please provide preferences about areas you like most and areas you try to stay away from.  

Do You Utilize Housing Outside The Perimeter?  If So, What Areas Are Best?

My Shared Housing Model:

Many of you have had clients that have stayed at Accessible Suites Clairmont.  My shared housing model focuses on keeping patients as separated as possible.  The rooms have separate entrances, personal bathrooms, and washers/dryers in every room.  Kitchen and dining rooms are shared.  I do have some occasional resistance on the front end from clients, but many of them find that having a community of neighbors going through similar situations is beneficial.  I do not take clients with children because I feel families need private spaces.  I have accepted pets in the past but find that it is not fair to those that do not prefer pets, and some have some issues with allergies (pet dander is especially unhelpful for respiratory clients) so I do not accept pets unless they are certified therapy dogs, and still prefer that they have separate housing.  Using this model has allowed me to keep prices below market values compared to other accessible housing options.  

What Are Your Thoughts About Shared Housing Vs. Private Housing:

Would You Find Value In Having A Generator:

I have never put one in due to the significant expense, but personally feel they would be a huge benefit for those with specialty mattresses or power chairs.  Do you feel it would be worth it? 

This would also give me the capacity to take ventilated patients.  It is my understanding that the level of care could be too high to manage in a home health setting, but would you consider it in this situation?

Is There Any Other Information You Would Like To Share Or Do You Have Any Additional Requests?

We Appreciate Your Feedback!

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